Efficiently Manage Books, Members, and Transactions with Odoo's All-in-One Library Solution

  Enhance your library's efficiency with Odoo's Library Management Module, featuring intuitive book cataloging, member management, loan tracking, and automated notifications for seamless operations.

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  • Author Management: Easily manage and update author information.
  • Publisher Management: Keep track of publishers and their publications.
  • Catalog Management: Organize your library's collection efficiently.
  • Books Categories (Genre): Categorize books into genres for better browsing.
  • Book Rental Fee: Set and manage rental fees for books.
  • Circulation Order: Manage the circulation order of books.
  • Issuance Management: Simplify book issuance processes.
  • Return Management: Streamline book return processes.
  • Late Fee Surcharge: Automatically calculate and apply late fee surcharges.
  • Notification System: Implement a robust notification system.