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SLA Policies Documentation

Find Relevant SLA Policies

Purpose: This function helps in finding the appropriate SLA policies for a specific ticket or task.

How to Use: When working on a ticket or task, use this function to identify the SLA policies that apply to that specific case. It considers factors like project, partner, priority, and tags to determine the relevant policies.

Compute SLA Lines

Purpose: This function calculates the SLA lines based on the specified criteria for a list of tickets.

How to Use: When you need to calculate SLA lines for multiple tickets, invoke this function with the list of tickets. It will process each ticket and update the SLA lines accordingly.

Filter SLA Policies

Purpose: Filters the available SLA policies based on specific conditions related to the ticket.

How to Use: Use this function to narrow down the list of SLA policies to those that are most relevant to the current ticket. It considers various factors like project, partner, and ticket type to filter the policies.

Sort SLA Policies

Purpose: Sorts the filtered SLA policies in a logical order, taking into account priority and other relevant criteria.

How to Use: After filtering the SLA policies, use this function to arrange them in a prioritized sequence. This ensures that the most appropriate policies are applied first based on priority, partner IDs, project ticket type IDs, and tag IDs.

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