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Open HMS

Open HRM is a smart Hospital Management System , which can integrate all the Health processes to an intelligent information system to derive operational efficiency and assists hospital in decision making

How Open HMS Help You?

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OPD Management

A comprehensive OPD management module that is capable of handling effectively used for tracking records relating to surgeries performed on different patients and OPD charges in hospitals and clinics

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deal with daily operations of medical clinics. Users can also schedule appointments with patients, maintain their medical records and even handle payments online.

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Manages patient’s information with regards to various tests for diagnosis of illness. Doctors can take further course of action based on these reports.

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Handle day to day functions like drug distribution, keep track of medicine stocks, etc. Maintain goods receipt and purchase returns

Why Open HMS ?

Easy to Use & Learn

Simple and user friendly features that allow new users to quickly start using the software with ease.

Fastest Implementation

Browser-based tool avoids the need to load software on individual systems.


One of the very few solutions that supports multi center operations, Scalable solution that grows with you as your hospital expands

Increase Profit

Measure and optimize to create better strategies and tactics using standard MIS and standard reports

Streamline Operations

Use interconnected department view to streamline your operations so as to provide enhanced interaction between your patient and healthcare provider

Cloud enabled

No expensive hardware . No managing the IT infrastructure. Host the entire solution on the cloud.

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Patient Information System

Record complete information of your patient including family details, prescriptions, appointments, diseases, insurances, lifestyle, mental & social status, laboratory test details, invoices and surgical histories.

Manage admission procedure of your patients with super easy inpatient hospitalization process, wards and beds reservations. The doctor can add therapeutic diets, nursing, and discharge plan information in the system to perform the effective treatment. The module also allows doctor or health center administrative team to automatically raise payment notification at the time of patient discharge.

Outpatient module has a registration module which keeps track of all the patient registration through a patient database. All patient visits and revisits are tracked through appointment system.

Register all your doctors and allow them to manage their weekly consultancy schedule, prescriptions, inpatient admissions, evaluations, lab tests and many more. 

OpenHMS appointment feature is available for both doctors and patients to manage their own checkup schedules. It is also tightly integrated with Odoo's calendar control so they will be always updated for your upcoming schedules.

OpenHMS allows you to seamlessly perform your laboratory tests, that has already predefined parameters and ranges to quickly generate your test results. The app comes with the most widely used laboratory tests already preconfigured within the package.

Allow your doctors or patients to login inside their individual accounts and view or manage their operations.

OpenHMS is tightly integrated with Odoo's default Accounting & Invoicing features. You can easily raise invoices for different services like Doctor's consultations, Prescriptions, Lab test & Inpatient admissions directly from the app and manage different accounting tasks of your health center.

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