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Restaurants are very important part of our society. When it comes to the matter of restaurants, we talk about its management too, because, in any hotel or restaurant, management plays a vital role in satisfying customers. If you own a large restaurant and you are dealing with poor

Management then you will not earn more profit as compared to that one when you have well-structured management. When we talk about management, we talk about software. In this era

of technology; everything is controlled by software. We can deal with all customers in less time and effort with using the software. With restaurant management software you can manage every smaller medium sized restaurant, May you are offering single dish or multiple dishes. Restaurant management software provides an organized point of sale. Our Odoo restaurant management system can easily be customized according to your requirements. We also keep out software up to date according to the latest technology. So it’s all in one solution for your restaurants.


1. Here are some features of restaurant management software. So you can easily

Recognize its benefits which will lead you to best restaurant management.

2. It becomes very easy to manage cash with software.

3. Table management can be done in less time and effort. In this way, you can easily order without waiting for your turn.

4. The menu can be easily created and updated even you can see ingredient information.

5. Fully support of handheld with POS functions.

6. Controllable digital menu boards.

7. It also provides sales report at the end. So you can easily recognize your sales that how much you have done?

8. It also provides the module of customer database management. So you can store your customer date of birth, anniversary etc and send them wishes so they keep in touch with you.

9. Automated inventory tracking is also available. This means when a product sells, it will be automatically deducted from stock and when new stock comes, it will be added successfully.

10. It also provides integrated loyalty and gift card services. If a person comes second time his previous record will be stored in the database and you can give those discounts on the second sale.

11. Odoo POS software is built on the cloud so managers, an owner can easily track record and have birds eye on daily tasks without their physical presence.

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