Odoo Web Email interface

Iqra Hussain


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·         An Email Interface Built-in ODOO Version 10.

·         The Email Interface Works for Gmail Accounts.

·         Offers Convenient Gmail Access to ODOO Users.

·         Worked to Offer Entire Mailing Features of Gmail Inside ODOO Platform.


You Can Toggle Between Multiple Configured Accounts With Just One Click

Draft / Compose New Mail

Complete a Quick Email to Your ODOO Partner Using Web Mail

Add New Contact

You Can Add New Contact by Filling Required Details like First Name, Last Name, Company Name, and Email Address

Include New Contact Here and It Will Create Partner in Odoo

Create New Folder

You Can Create New Folder in Odoo Web Email Interface.

This Helps You to Organize Your Emails More Effectively.

Theme Change

You can change shade of your mail interface from gave topic


Change the Language From Gmail Settings. Change Default "English" Language to Other Languages. This Will Be Reflected in Your Odoo Web Email Interface.

ODOO Email Interface in Arabic 

Note: In Gmail, you can see right to left font display according to Arabic standards. In ODOO web email interface, we will launch this feature soon.

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