Odoo Accounts Management Software

Iqra Hussain


Odoo CMS - a big picture


·         Be more productive and efficient and hence save more time.

·         Different user login helps sharing details with your team.

·         Simple to use and would eliminate the need for hiring full time accounted.

·         Get all the financial updates with just a click. The intricacy of handling financial details made have easy.



Time Efficient 

·         Quick and simple UI.

·         Portable Accessible.

·         Decreased information section.

·         Automated invoices.


Manage Net Receivables

·         Make full-highlighted invoices

·         Supports various installments.

·         Automatically invoices.

Easy Payments 

·         Supports significant installment portals.

·         Supports online installment with charge cards.

·         Get clear reports on client statement.


Manage Expenses

·         Track employee costs, manage all validation and repayments.

·         Complete estimating of costs.

Bill Payments  

·         Print checks in cluster in few ticks.

·         Lay up tickets and monitor it.

·         Supports your installment streams with optional approval steps.

Performance reports  

·         Gets business knowledge reports.

·         Make your dashboard by collecting custom reports.

·         Gives you the flexibility to comment on any report.

·         Automatic invoices.


Assets and Revenues

·         Track resources, reduction and create amortization entries consequently.

·         Oversee multi-year contracts, mechanize distinctive incomes.


·         Supports membership and repeating incomes effectively.

·         Deal with different membership designs.

·         The client can change their arrangement and manage through customers portals.